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on July 12,-13, 2016 Fancy Li, Chief Consultant, will show up in Intersolar ,North America to meet with PV market experts and discuss about potential renewable energy business/financing cooperation , especially among USA and China.

Welcome you to reach Fancy Li, by contacts:



Intersolar 2016-07-12 6.14.52


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July-16, Market News,

[Sample Reports]

  • World Economy

*June 24, 2016, Brexit’ Expected to Rattle U.S. Economy, Shake Its Influence

[Script]Officials worry U.K.’s vote to leave European Union will drive up dollar, depress exports and weaken diplomatic leverage in Europe

** Top finance officials say the damage from the so-called Brexit alone isn’t likely to be enough to nudge the U.S. into a contraction. But as skittish investors pull out of U.K. and European markets and pour into the safety of U.S. assets, a falling pound and euro could cause the dollar to surge, further suppressing demand for American exports.


  • USA PV Market

[Digest]July 8,2016, California is once again outshining other states in its solar progress – this time by reaching its customer-installed solar energy goal a year early.


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently announced that the state’s California Solar Initiative programme had installed 1,753.6MW, with another 139.7MW reserved in pending projects, surpassing the goal of installing 1,750MW by 2017.


This record installation was achieved by customers of ***’s three investor-owned utilities (IOUs), who installed 1,041MW of solar capacity in 2015 – an increase of 55% more than the capacity installed in 2014, according to state regulators.


Importantly, the installations were achieved in the absence of a rebate incentive, as highlighted in the CPUC’s annual report of the California Solar Initiative.

160712 Pic CPUC

  • Brazil PV Market

[Digest] July 11, 2016 Brazil solar PV market of today and tomorrow


Tax cuts

January 2016, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies Mineral Energy Committee approved an important resolution: exemption from import duties if a PV module can not be produced in Brazil, the local community, to the imported component.

Third, on behalf of the project

Brazil’s Future Solar PV Market

August 6, 2016 Olympics Game in Brazil.

160806 Pic Olympic

However, from Brazil urgent efforts to change the energy structure made of view, Brazil’s future PV market will have great potential.

Since 2014, Brazil’s first solar-powered stadium is completed, the country’s solar energy market has been significant progress, is expected in 2017, the solar market will reach $ 431 million, an increase of 71%; to 2018, the total installed capacity reached 3.5GW solar .

[Investment Risk]Brazilian exchange rate fluctuations risk.

160711 Brazil Olympic

[July 11, 2016巴西太阳能光伏市场的今天和明天]









160711 Pic Brazil

  • India PV Market

[July 11, 2016]

India’s Tamil Nadu calls on Modi to speed up green energy corridor build

[Digest] Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayaraman Jayalalithaa has written a letter to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi citing the major surplus of wind energy in the state and the opportunity to sell roughly 1GW of wind power to other states should a green energy corridor be built.


Tamil Nadu currently has an installed capacity of 1,142MW of solar PV and 7,600MW of wind, with plans for a further 5GW of solar and 4.5GW of wind over the next five years.


  • China PV Market

5.1)[July 8,2016]

Thirteen Five energy plan: two control “abandoning Wind/PV” at a reasonable level

“Thirteen Five” period will give priority to the development of wind power and decentralized distributed photovoltaic power generation, and steadily promote the “Three North” area of wind power base and photovoltaic power station construction, strive to two years to abandon the wind, abandoned PV control rate at a reasonable level, after three moderately expand the scale. 2020 wind power installed capacity reached about 250 million kwh, the cost of electricity and coal is roughly equal; photovoltaic power generation installed capacity reached about 150 million kilowatts, and strive to achieve parity user side.





5.2) Zhangjiakou,HeBei ,China, Take Measures to crack the problem of renewable energy consumptive

Posted: 2016-07-11

,To create a renewable energy demonstration zone, Zhangjiakou City, a plan of action for three years, under the program in 2017, Zhangjiakou renewable energy cumulative installed capacity of 12.8 million kilowatts, the new installed capacity of 5.8 million kilowatts, of which 260 new wind power installed capacity million kilowatts, the new installed capacity of three million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation, the new solar thermal power installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts. Renewable energy consumption accounted for the proportion of total final energy consumption will reach 15%.


Zhangjiakou is currently actively promoting Zhangbei Zhangjiakou – Ganzhou 1000 kV UHV power transmission project and Zhangjiakou – Beijing 500 kV flexible DC power grid project to carry out preparatory work, once the project is completed renewable energy power delivery capability will be significantly improved.


张家口多措并举 破解可再生能源消纳难题








[China PV Market]

“6.30” component prices diving, photovoltaic products face volume and price down



“630” Chinese PV Subsidy in the end, the market began to shift marked the first half of the domestic photovoltaic power plant installed capacity of hot situation will be difficult to repeat in the second half.


Polycrystalline solar cell mainstream price level has dropped to 2.05 yuan / W.


But because 7–8 months, the domestic polysilicon manufacturers into the intensive maintenance period, supply reduction can offset some downward pressure on prices, within a few months, probably will not be the case the polysilicon rapid price declines in the future.


In the future the industry boom-down environment, due to the vertical integration of manufacturers, can do lower production costs, combined with lower financing costs, in the current round downside, the more resistant to downward pressure on prices. Some small factories facing pressures on prices and costs, the future will be cut or even shut down some production lines. But requires urgent attention outbreak of falling demand and excess capacity brought extreme risk.

[“6.30 ”组件价格跳水,光伏产品面临量价齐跌

2016-07-09 ]









  • Financial News



BRIC Bank Vice President Paul: The first three billion yuan to be issued green bonds
With the supporting systems to improve green bonds “red,
With Stock A shares “red” is different, there is a green bond debt recently concern. For now the central bank, Development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s efforts to promote, the green bond quickly as well as “red”.
Green bonds as a new species, can be understood as a kind of popular support to raise funds for the green industry bonds. For example, corporate bonds can be used to replace bank loans and supplement working capital, but corporate bonds to raise funds green needs to be earmarked for green projects.
The issuer, the benefits of green bonds issued at least two things: First, the financing costs relatively low, because of its unique “green” label favored by international capital, interest rates are often lower than ordinary bonds, with individual provinces as Zhejiang province also intends to introduce special financial subsidies for green bonds.Secondly, the review will progress faster. For example, the company agreed to review the debt within three months, the actual time is generally a month or so, and review the progress of green bonds will be faster, usually within a month. Green Development and Reform Commission also speed up and simplify the implementation of corporate debt audit.

Industry experts have suggested that the introduction of investment incentives and supporting measures to gradually develop the domestic bond investors for green investment preferences. For example, you can buy domestic institutional investor interest green bonds obtained have to pay corporate income tax to be relief.

To this year’s July 3rd BRICS New Development Bank Vice President and Chief Risk Officer Paul – Nogueira – Batista – Junior will officially settled in BRIC Bank headquarters office located in Shanghai Lujiazui anniversary.

Before entry BRIC Bank, Paul worked in the IMF. In Washington eight years, where he found international institutions have many advantages and great achievements, but “action is slow, difficult to adapt to some of the needs of developing countries.”

Last July, the bank BRIC Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the government created the five BRICS established officially opened in Shanghai.


160712 Pic green-bond




随着配套制度完善 绿色债要“红”了
















  • [Industry News] Jan, 2016,

*Rank: The Top 10 PV module manufacturers ranking list for 2015


  1. Trina Solar
  2. Canadian Solar
  3. JinkoSolar
  4. JA Solar
  5. Hanwha Q CELLS
  6. First Solar
  7. Yingli Green
  8. SFCE
  9. ReneSola
  10. SunPower Corp



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